7 Stages of Growth

This program helps companies develop leadership skills, identify root causes of critical issues, and execute on growth initiatives—all while promoting agreement among the management team. The secret? An innovative and effective tool that clears the obstacles that are holding the company back.

24 Key Things a Manager Needs to Know

The High Impact Manager® program trains time-tested actionable solutions to real-world challenges based on decades of experience.

Our certified and experienced ATC Trainers ensure that the habits are not only understood, but implemented and executed. Your managers will become better leaders, and your teams will be more motivated and effective.

Sales Manager Training

Managing a sales force isn’t like managing any other department. Lack of sales management effectiveness is a huge issue in many organizations. Without effective sales management, goals are too often missed and gross profit is less than it should be. Having an effective manager can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. Without it, sales results wane, and goals are missed.

The training is not sales training. Instead, it provides the tools, framework, knowledge and skills to recruit, hire and manage your salespeople so they get significantly greater results for your organization.