Written by Roger L. Stalheim

You probably work hard to attract great employees to your company. You want the best! But what does the “best” really mean?

Of course, we all want great people, but the reality is that the definition of “great” is different for every organization, including yours!

In his classic book, Good to Great, Jim Collins refers to the importance of getting the “right people on the bus” and then getting them all in the “right seats.” This is key, because who we attract and hire to our organization takes precedence over what they do. You simply can’t achieve consistent results until you get the right people in place.

Use the Accountability Chart

EOS® run companies use the Accountability Chart as their trusted roadmap to help land the right people in the right seats.

At first glance, it make look like an org chart, but it’s much different. The most important benefit of the Accountability Chart is that it helps define the right structure for you company first and then guides you in hiring the right people.

Your Core Values Will Lead You to the Right People

The term “Core Values” may be a bit overused in today’s business environment, but when truly understood, there’s no better barometer for attracting the right people.

In their simplest form, Core Values represent your business ideal core. It is your company personality, your culture. Roger L. Stalheim can help you develop and implement your core values.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities Will Lead the Right People to the Right Seats

Think about the qualities and roles this person is to fill. Be clear about the duties. Describe the core values your team has developed and communicate them. This is the core of your culture that you hire and fire by. When you do your “people analyzer,” your new hires will rate themselves by how well they have demonstrated your core values.

Do a benchmark of duties and qualities and let the assessment reveal how each candidate measures against your ideal candidate description.

Then order a personality assessment like a Tri Metrix HD that tells you the top candidates, ranked in order of how well developed their skills are, ideal work environment, how well they work with others, how well they problem solve, their personal self talk and how to manage and motivate this person. Great assessments like TTI are 96% accurate.

The People Analyzer

This is a very easy tool that allows the employee to rank themselves in how well they are doing with their duties, their adherence to company core values and their ability to do their job. The manager, also rate the employee on the same scale, and this opens up communication and keeps employees engaged and active in the company. This tool has saved many companies the task of frequent turnover. 93% of employees leave because of their direct manager. Open communication keeps employees and builds companies.

How to Attract the Best People

Use job benchmarking so you know what you are looking for in skills and attitude, and what will match with your work environment.

The interview is 1/3 of the job on-boarding. The resume is 1/3 of the job on-boarding. A high grade assessment will reveal the real person described on the resume and reveal whether they are the right person fro the seat you have. Hiring the wrong person is very expensive in money and wasted time in training and then off-boarding. Top grade assessments like TTI assessments will impress the right candidate and tell you so much more if this really is the right person.

For a sample of a high grade assessment, email rslinc@tabdsmmetro.com and see it for yourself. We offer a free assessment so you can see and experience its value. Roger L. Stalheim will be happy to give you a professional assessment evaluation.